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2024-05-05 : FreeRDP behaviour change
  • Newer versions of FreeRDP (xfreerdp) may prompt for the Domain and Password, preventing the display from automatically opening in RemoteBox.
  • The work around is to go into the RemoteBox preferences and add the following options /d: /p: onto the xfreerdp RDP client line. For example:
  • xfreerdp /size:%Xx%Y /bpp:32 +clipboard /sound /t:"%n - RemoteBox" /v:%h:%p /d: /p:
2022-11-27 : RemoteBox 3.2 released
  • RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 7.0.x
  • Started the process of moving away from Glade and implementing GUI code natively. This is significant effort and involves a large amount of code churn which will span many releases.
  • Added option to attach an ISO when creating a new guest
  • Added support for setting the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) types
    • TPM v1.2
    • TPM v2.0
  • Added support for setting Secure Boot (where supported)
  • Added support for the following network cards:
    • Novell NE2000
    • Novell NE1000
    • WD/SMC EtherCard Plus 16
    • WD/SMC EtherCard Plus
    • 3Com EtherLink II
    • 3Com EtherLink
  • Added support for the Windows Audio System (WAS)
  • Added support for USB Multi-Touch screen and pad
  • Added ability to edit an IPv4 Port Forwarding rule
  • Added ability to edit an IPv6 Port Forwarding rule
  • Added 'Devices' menu with items orignally in the 'Machine' menu
  • Added 'Actions' menu with items orignally in the 'Machine' menu
  • Added 'New Floppy Disk Image' to the 'Change Floppy' menu
  • Added 'Add Floppy Disk Image' to the 'Change Floppy' menu
  • Added 'Add Floppy Disk Image' to the menus when editing storage menu when attaching storage in
  • Added 'Add Optical Disc Image' to the 'Change Optical Disc' menu
  • Added 'Add Optical Disc Image' to the menus when editing storage
  • The 'Devices' menu now pops up instead of the 'Machine' menu on an RMB event on the guest list
  • The 'Change Floppy' and 'Change Optical Disc' menus are now usable with guests that are powered off
  • Updated many operating system icons
  • Added several new dialog motifs
  • Various minor GUI tweaks
2022-09-29 : Note on VirtualBox 7
  • VirtualBox 7 is due to be released soon. Please be aware that RemoteBox 3.1 is NOT compatible with VirtualBox 7, due to significant API changes. Work is under way on the next release of RemoteBox to make it compatible. If you are dependent on RemoteBox, do not upgrade to VirtualBox 7 until the next release of RemoteBox is available
2022-01-16 : RemoteBox 3.1 released
  • Changed the RemoteBox logo
  • Various minor GUI tweaks
  • Added button to save the message log to a text file. Might be useful for debugging purposes.
  • Fixed: Regression introduced in 3.0 caused Connection Profiles dialog to essentially stop working correctly, potentially losing existing profiles in the process.
  • Fixed: Regression introduced in 3.0 meant that NAT rules were not shown for IPv4 and IPv6 networks
  • Fixed column sorting in the VMM (Virtual Media Manager)
  • Fixed various list selection bugs. The get_selected() method under GTK3 returns both the model and the iterator, not just the iterator as with GTK2
  • RemoteBox is no longer bundled with a PDF manual. Documentation is now exclusively maintained on the RemoteBox web site.
2021-11-14 : RemoteBox 3.0 released
  • RemoteBox has been ported to Gtk3. Review the requirements before updating to ensure your operating system is compatible.
2021-11-09 : RemoteBox 2.8 released
  • The changes don't really justify a release however this is likely to be the last release of RemoteBox based on Gtk2 as RemoteBox is being ported to Gtk3.
  • Removed hearbeat option as it's no longer required
  • Server memory bar updates changed to 58 seconds
  • Added option to bind the RDP/VNC server for a guest to a specific IP or hostname.
  • Fixed copy and clone of disks. Regression caused by passsing incorrect datatype to the API
  • Added OS icon for Windows 11
2020-10-24 : Added macOS Catalina Installation Video
  • A video has been added showing RemoteBox being installed under macOS Catalina.
2019-12-18 : RemoteBox 2.7 released
  • RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 6.1.x
  • VirtualBox now requires hardware virtualization and no longer supports software virtualization. Removed associated options from RemoteBox.
  • Removed option of setting the video side-channel quality for an RDP connection. This option is largely unsupported by RDP clients and not particularly useful.
  • Added support for the Virtio-SCSI controller
  • Added support for the AMD PCNet-ISA/NE2100 network card
  • Added support for nested hardware virtualization (VT-x/AMD-V) for supported processors
  • Added toolbar buttons in the VMM to create new hard disk images, new floppy disk images (from 360K to 2.88MB) and move media to new locations
  • Newly created floppy disk images can be optionally pre-formatted with FAT12
  • Added a menu option when attached storage for creating a new floppy disk image and automatically attaching it
  • Added option to specify MAC address policy when importing an appliance
  • Added options to specify MAC address policy and include ISO files when exporting an appliance
  • Added options to Keep disk UUIDs, specify MAC policy and keep disk names when cloning a guest
  • Added OS icon for Windows 2019 64bit
  • Rewrote the copy and disk conversion code, should be cleaner and faster
  • Creating a new guest, now uses the ApplyDefaults API call which was broken in previous versions of VirtualBox. This allows a lot of code cleanups and faster guest creation
  • Fixed incorrect URL on About window
  • Various code cleanups
2019-09-21 : Added Windows 10 WSL Installation Videos
  • Videos have been added showing RemoteBox being installed under Windows 10 using the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)
  • WSL Debian
  • WSL OpenSUSE
  • WSL Ubuntu
2019-01-06 : RemoteBox 2.6 released
  • RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 6.0.x
  • Added additional screen modes for video capture and video hinting
  • Added option to select between Video and Audio, Video Only or Audio Only when screen capturing
  • Added support for VirtualBox VGA card with VMware SVGA II extensions
  • Added support for having no graphics card in the guest. Note however, you cannot connect to the guest with RDP/VNC without a virtual graphics card.
  • Added support for setting the emulated serial UART type
  • The Audio Input and Audio Output options can now also be set while the guest is running
  • Added support to the VMM (Virtual Media Manager) for compaction of hard disk images to reduce their physical size
  • Added support to the VMM (Virtual Media Manager) for resizing hard disk images
  • Added ability to save a guest log to a local text file
  • Added refresh button to reload the guest logs in the log viewer
  • Added cancel button to the VirtualBox Preferences dialogue
  • Removed Host-Only-Network and NAT Network configuration from the VirtualBox preferences dialogue and created the Host Network Manager dialogue accessible from the file menu
  • Significantly updated the RemoteBox icon set and added additional decals
  • To work around a VirtualBox bug, when changing a shared folder the guest settings are now explicitly saved. This includes adding, editing and deleting
  • Optimised a lot of the settings retrieval code which should improve latency especially for those on slower systems and networks.
  • Fixed the Edit Shared Folder dialogue not correctly showing a share's Permanent Status, when editing the shared folder.
  • Various code cleanups
2018-04-29 : RemoteBox 2.5 released
  • RemoteBox now only pops up a VirtualBox Extensions warning dialogue on login, for server operating systems that have them available but the extension pack is not installed. Currently this is Linux, Solaris, Windows and MacOS X. Others such as FreeBSD will just get a warning in the message log as there are no VirtualBox extensions.
  • Added support for setting the Audio driver of a guest when using a FreeBSD server
  • Improved the code which automatically adds the guest addition ISO to the VMM on login which should prevent an error if the server does not provide a guest additions ISO
  • Added support for VNC. If your server has the VNC extension pack installed, you can use VNC to connect to the guest displays instead of RDP. You must install a VNC client on your RemoteBox machine and configured it as appropriate in your preferences. TigerVNC is the default client
  • The guest display icon now shows whether the server expects a VNC or RDP connection when opening the display of guests.
  • Added option to change the floppy drive type to 360k, 720k, 1.44MB, 2.88MB 15.6MB and 63.5MB.
  • Added a button to assist with the automatic generation of serial port paths
  • Fixed a bug causing the port path setting to be reset with the defaults
  • Fixed audio support for Solaris servers. The SolAudio driver is non functional in VirtualBox and has been replaced with OSS.
2017-11-04 : RemoteBox 2.4 released
  • RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 5.2.x
  • Updated guest icons
  • Added option to enable/disable audio output from a guest
  • Added option to enable/disable audio input to a guest
  • Added option to record audio from the guest when capturing a video
  • Added support for exporting appliances to Oracle Public Cloud Format 1.0
  • Added ability to select a connection profile to use for automatically logging in when starting up RemoteBox.
  • Added option 'Release Keys' to clear any held keys in the case where a host and guest's keyboard status may become out of sync.
  • New guests now automatically have their audio output enabled
  • Fixed: You now can't set video RAM to zero, even though VirtualBox reports this as a valid minimum, the guest won't start.
2017-10-19 : VirtualBox 5.2 compatibility
  • There are no incompatible API changes with the release of VirtualBox 5.2, so you can continue to use RemoteBox 2.3 (ignore the version warning). Work is in progress to update RemoteBox.
2017-05-05 : RemoteBox 2.3 released
  • Implemented a connection profile manager and changed the connection dialogue. Passwords can optionally be saved, however if you're highly concerned about security, the password can still be manually entered at connection time.
  • Improved remote file choosers by remembering their last location throughout a RemoteBox session.
  • Added preference option to sort the guest list alphabetically or leave it in natural order.
  • Default RDP option now uses the FreeRDP new syntax unless previously configured
  • Added OS icon for Windows 2016
  • Fixed regression when setting setting the auto start delay time for a guest, it would get reset to 0
  • When renaming the current snapshot, the new name would not be shown in the guest list until refreshed. This has now been fixed.
  • Various minor GUI tweaks
2016-08-15 : RemoteBox 2.2 released
  • RemoteBox now requires VirtualBox 5.1.x
  • Added support for adding an NVMe Controller to the guest
  • Added the ability to set the number of SAS ports
  • Added support for setting the hot-pluggable flag on harddisk and optical devices attached to SATA or USB storage controllers
  • Added support for specifying whether a disk controller should be bootable or not
  • Updated the number of possible SAS ports from 8 to 255 for an attached medium
  • Updated FreeBSD guest OS Icons
  • Fixed a bug when assigning a different SAS port to a medium. RemoteBox was not creating the SAS port first causing a port out of range error.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting storage attached to the USB controller. RemoteBox incorrectly showed the IDE controller attributes.
  • Set default guest OS types for new guests to Windows 10 64bit, Fedora 64bit, FreeBSD 64bit and DOS for their respective OS families
  • Minor changes to appdata.xml
  • Various GUI tweaks
2016-06-01 : RemoteBox 2.1 released
  • Added support for TCP mode on virtual serial ports
  • Added support for encryption of the guest
  • Added additional fields in the VMM, Encrypted & UUID
  • Added support for 4 serial ports
  • Added support for setting the audio controller codec
  • Paused guests can now be powered off
  • Set default guest OS types for new guests to Windows 7 64bit, Ubuntu 64bit, Solaris 11 64bit for their respective OS families
  • Improved logon failure error reporting. It should help determine whether the failed logon is incorrect credentials or the service not running
  • Fixed an issue exporting appliances of guests with USB attached storage. USB attached storage is not supported by appliances.
  • Various GUI tweaks
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