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Open Source VirtualBox Client with Remote Management

Installing RemoteBox on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

These instructions describe installing the RemoteBox client and may require root privileges. VirtualBox must also be configured to accept connections from RemoteBox. For instructions, consult the RemoteBox manual.

Tarball Install

Ensure the required dependencies are installed as follows:
apt-get install libgtk2-perl libsoap-lite-perl freerdp-x11 tigervnc-viewer
To launch RemoteBox, unpack the RemoteBox tarball and run the 'remotebox' executable.

Ubuntu Notes

Caution for Unity Desktop Users
Menu handling is buggy under Ubuntu with the Unity desktop. This causes issues such as menu items being ghosted incorrectly which allows they to be activated inappropriately. This is a bug with the Unity Desktop and does not present itself under other desktop environments. Recent editions of Ubuntu no longer use the Unity Desktop by default.